2002_ Portopalo, Kassel.

by nucciofoti

«Not one individual, nor the crew of a boat, but an entire community has made a tacit agreement to ignore those corpses washed ashore […] must they not have done the same, those farmers who, seeing the trains going to Treblinka or Auschwitz, continued doing their work quietly, when they weren’t stopping to make derisive gestures alluding to the next elimination of the convoy’s load? Do not eat fish from Portopalo because it feeds on human flesh!» (From CNN Italy: The evidence of the sinking)

Documenta XI seminar, 13th September 2002. Panelists: Stefano Boeri, Carmelo Causale, Anna Detheridge, Sarat Maharaj, Yehuda Safran.

It was the urgent need prompted by a real controversy which led the Sicilian physicist Gaetano Foti to participate in a roundtable organized by Documenta XI, focusing on the dramatic events that occurred in Portopalo, a Sicilian fishing village further south in latitude than Tunis. From that point on, a genuine curiosity for contemporary art has led Gaetano Foti to build a unique relationship between science and R&D with the world of education and visual culture.

Prof. Foti with art critic Yehuda Safran and architect Stefano Boeri at Documenta XI, Kassel.