2004/09_ La Città della Scienza (Science Museum).

by nucciofoti

Appointed by the University of Catania to direct the construction of the city’s science museum, Gaetano Foti set out to highlight artistic research within a more traditional exhibition space with an educational purpose, seen as a crucial factor for a change in culture, often in close connection with the technological progress that increasingly affects modern society.

Consequently, La Città della Scienza prompted an intense production activity with visual and sound artists, producing original works often designed for, and inspired by, the museum site location, a 19th century former sulphur refinery situated right in the centre of Catania, the city at the foot of the highest active volcano in Europe, Mount Etna.

Here is a list of the most indicative productions. Please double-click the related link for more information on a specific work or artist.

Paolo ParisiObservatorium (Valle del Bove)

Paolo Parisi, ‘Observatorium (Valle del Bove)’, 2004/2006. Emptyed stack of corrugated cardboard, cm 260x260x265; hydraulic PVC pipes, sound system and audio files, dimensions variable. Sound composition in collaboration with: Domenico Vicinanza, Cern, Genf. Installation view, Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, München, 2006. Photo Courtesy, the author, Florence; Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, München; Galleria collicaligreggi, Catania.

Observatorium […] was made up of layers of cardboard sheets forming a perfect cube on the outer surface, while inside they were frayed in an irregular way until creating cracks that become telescopes and devices through which one may observe the outside…” [from Lorenzo Bruni, interview to “Paolo Parisi. Punto di vista fisico”, Flash Art Italia n.279]

Federico BaronelloBdA779377988867834007647926086187638606…

Federico Baronello, ‘BdA7793…’, 2008. Eight Lambda prints on Kodak metal paper, on Dibond panels with aluminium frames and TrueVue AR glass. Each cm.120×80. Installation total dimension cm.240×320. Installation view, galleria gianluca collica, Catania 2009. Photo courtesy: the author, Catania; galleria collicaligreggi, Catania.

«BdA7793… is an installation made up of eight Lambda prints panels, each one is the combination of two photographs. This combination of two creates a reciprocal relationship[…]»

[From the interview with Helmut Friedel after the work’s acquisition by the Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, München, Oct. 2009]

Stefano Zorzanello, Kronophone.

Sound map of La Città della Scienza, courtesy Stefano Zorzanello.

The Kronophone, an invented word from the Greek “Kronos” (Time) and “Phone” (sound, voice) or “Sound of Time”, is a sound installation, interactive and permanent, conceived by the composer and sound designer Stefano Zorzanello, with the cooperation of Nicola Zonca (Arki Studio, Bologna) and the composer Albert Mayr, whose purpose is to create a sound environment and “time sound-phores”, designed to guide the visitor throughout the duration of his visit to La Città della Scienza.

Here below is a sample of the main sound of the ‘Dies Harmonica’, electronic counterpart of the Albert Mayr masterpiece and part of the four levels that form the sound installation.