2010_ NEMO (β).

by nucciofoti

The documentary movie of NEMO’s first experimental missions in the deep sea south-east of Portopalo (Sicily). The NEutrino Mediterranean Observatory is an on-going research and development program, implemented by the INFN-LNS (the National Institute of Nuclear Physics Southern Labs) and part of the European project KM3Net, whose final objective is the realization of a gigantic state-of-the-art underwater telescope designed to detect cosmic neutrinos.

Federico Baronello, publicity still from ‘NEMO_β’, 2009/10. HD movie 1080p30, 32′.

Apart from the merit of focusing on a central issue of modern astronomy, it is highly interesting to see Federico Baronello’s movie as a kind of artwork in the context of a region, namely Sicily, where art and culture are largely understood as products whose main function would be to distract the audience from the exertions of work.