Gaetano Foti (b. Catania 1944) is the leader of Applied Physics Group of  the Department of Physics of the University of Catania (Advanced Semiconductors and Physical Process Simulation on Semiconductors Reactors CVD). He graduated in Physics in 1968 and has been Full Professor in Applied Physics at Catania University since 1979.

Foti was a Research Fellow at the CHALK RIVER Nuclear Lab and the BELL Labs of Murray Hill (1970~1985). In the period between 1985~2000 he has held several lectures and seminars at CALTECH, BELL Labs, Gottingen and Padua Universities. Author of about 250 articles on Semiconductors Physics and Microelectronic Processing, he published on International Magazines and had held 20 invited plenary talks at International Conferences.

He was Director of the Catania Group of INFM (the Italian National Institute for Matter Physics) btw. 1996~2002.

Between 2002~2009, he was appointed to direct the construction work of the Catania Science Museum (la Città della Scienza) as well as its exhibition plan.