Federico Baronello

‘BdA7793notitle’. Underground of the Palazzo Pennisi Floristella, Valguarnera and archival photo of the Trabonella mine, Caltanissetta.

«BdA7793779888678340076479260861876386068786882784608474 (eight Durst Lambda prints on Kodak Metal paper, on Dibond panels with aluminium frames. Each cm.120×80. Installation total dimension cm.240×320. 2008) is an installation made up of eight Lambda prints panels, each one is the combination of two photographs. This combination of two creates a reciprocal relationship. On one hand, we have a dialectic regarding the subject contents of the photos. On the other, there are two portions of space that each image occupies on the panel; those confront each other for the purely formal aspect of the composition. In each panel, each photo or portion of space communicates with the other, but also with those making up the remaining seven panels. Each area represents a place or a natural element: cave, sea, sky or earth, air, water, fire, or sea, mountain/volcano, sun. The work aims to represent the landscape as a narrative of a story (in this case that of technology, scientific and economic development) but also it aims to replace specific formal, thus ideological, references of modernism (i.e. through the use of the grid and the photomontage).»

[From the interview with Helmut Friedel after the work’s acquisition by the Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, München, Oct. 2009]

The BdA7793… photographic panels are complementary to a documentary movie, Silver Bars (in Brimstone), also released in 2008.

‘BdA77988867’. Underground of the Palazzo Pennisi Floristella, Valguarnera and 15MeV nuclear accelerator at the INFN – Laboratories of South, Catania.

‘BdAnotitle8340’. The founder of the Nuclear Physics in Catania and the Clean Room at the Institute for Microelectronics and Microsystems – CNR, Catania.

‘BdA07647926’. The disused ENEL Solar Central of Adrano and the INGV underground shelter at Pizzi Deneri, Mount Etna.

‘BdA08618763’. A view of the moon from INAF at Serra la Nave, Mount Etna and the conurbation of eastern Sicily seen from Rifugio Sapienza, Mount Etna.

‘BdA8606notitle’. Pineapple into a Growth Room and a TAC photo-still of the head of a pig for the positioning of a robotic arm during an experiment of neurosurgery.

‘BdA87868827’. Antenna for GPS monitoring of Etna’s volcanic soils and the NEMO’s data analysis laboratory at the port of Catania.

‘BdA84608474’. The Francofonte wind farm and the INAF-IRA radio telescope, Noto.